Using state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled operators,
Proto-Cutter, Inc. provides solutions for tough tooling problems.

Proto-Cutter specializes in manufacturing carbide tipped, solid carbide, and high-speed steel coolant-fed reamers in standard and special designs for precision hole finishing. Standard cutting diameter tolerances are maintained within +.00015″/-.00015″ unless otherwise specified.

In addition to our standard design right-hand spiral/right-hand cut reamers, we offer the following special flute configurations:
• Straight flute
• Left-hand spiral/right-hand cut
• Left-hand spiral/left-hand cut
• Right-hand spiral/left-hand cut

Our experienced sales engineers will work with you to determine the flute configuration that best meets your production requirements.

All of our reamers are manufactured to provide ease of set-up and operation. We can provide you with reamers capable of extended life, reamers that will produce an exceptionally high finish (minimizing the need for secondary operations), or a reamer that will give you a quality finish and provide you with long tool life. In addition, Proto-Cutter reamers eliminate chatter and other problems associated with conventional reamers.

Proto-Cutter has become a trusted name in hole finishing tools because of our high quality standards, unmatched customer service, and fast lead times, which are qualities we also apply to our special made-to-print items. We are committed to providing high quality tools at affordable prices and look forward to serving all your cutting tool needs.

Reamers, End Mills and Custom Tooling

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Custom Tooling
Carbide reamers, end mills and custom tooling. Simliar to Barber Colman, Hannibal Carbide, and Metcut OFC Reamer Carbide Tipped.
Custom counterforce reamers and end mills, metal cutting tools, custom spot facers, custom injectable tooling, port tools, custom form tools, port cutters