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Reconditioning to original specifications results in superior performance

Proto-Cutter restores original sharpening design features to extend the life of your reamers.

Don’t throw away your dull cutting tools

Proto-Cutter specializes in reconditioning “Barber-Colman” style coolant-fed reamers. We will restore the precisely controlled cutting edges on a variety of this type of reamer through lead sharpening, resizing or replacing carbide tips and sharpening them to your original specifications. We will accurately and properly recondition your reamers, delivering them to you quickly so they can be put back on the production line, and servicing them effectively again when they need it.

We provide three basic reconditioning services:

Retipping for carbide-tipped reamers. We can replace the carbide and precisely sharpen the reamer to its original diameter and tolerances. Many reamers, if properly used, can be retipped up to 50 times or more to achieve the absolute lowest cost per hole.

Resizing for carbide-tipped and high-speed steel reamers. If you use a reamer blank for more than one hole size, we can resize the reamer to a smaller diameter with controlled and precise
accuracy (minimum stock required of .003).

Lead sharpening for carbide-tipped and high-speed steel reamers. Chamfer and/or lead angles can be ground to remove wear and extend tool life. However, this is not guaranteed to restore the reamer to the performance level of a retipped or resized tool.

Same day service, 24 or 48 hour