Solid Carbide Coolant-Fed Reamers

Solid carbide coolant-fed reamers offer many significant advantages for hole finishing:

  • These reamers work well for almost all materials.
  • Operation at higher speeds and feed rates increases tool life and decreases cycle time.
  • Depending on the application, can outlast high speed steel reamers by as much as 10-to-1.
Carbide-Tipped Coolant-Fed Reamers

Proto-Cutter’s pin-float, coolant-fed reamers are ideal for many applications on CNC lathes, screw machines and mills. 1 to 2 week standard delivery on our standard reamers with 24 and 48 hr rush service available. PVD coated tools are 3-4 week standard delivery with 24 hr and 48 hr rush service is available to get the tools to coating.

PVD Coatings For Reamers
Titanium Nitride (TIN): Good all purpose coating for steels, irons and plastics. Helps in reducing build up on cutting edges and achieving micro finishes.

Titanium Carbon Nitride (TICN): Good for carbon steels alloy steels, & cast irons. Helps in achieving micro finishes. Examples are 1215, 12L14, 4140, 4130 materials, TICN is more wear resistant than TIN.

Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TIALN): Good for cast irons, and steels. A multi layered coating with aluminum to help with heat & oxidation resistance.

Solid Carbide Size Down Reamers

Resizing: If a reamer is used for more than one hole size, it can be resized to a smaller diameter. Sized down reamers have the lead chamfer sharpened. (.003 recommended for down sizing.)

Solid Carbide Chamfer Grind Reamers

Lead Sharpening: For carbide-tipped, solid carbide, and high speed steel reamers. Chamfer and/or lead angles can be ground to remove wear and extend tool life. (Not guaranteed to restore reamer to performance level of a retipped or resized tool.)

Solid Carbide Reamers Product List

4 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Part Numbers
Standard: PSC-0125,PSC-0125-TIN, PSC-0125-TICN, PSC-0125-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0125-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0125-C

4 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Part Numbers
Standard: PSC-0157, PSC-0157-TIN, PSC-0157-TICN, PSC-0157-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0157-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0157-C

4 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PSC-0175, PSC-0175-TIN, PSC-0175-TICN, PSC-0175-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0175-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0175-C

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PSC-0210, PSC-0210-TIN, PSC-0210-TICN, PSC-0210-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0210-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0210-C

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PSC-0255, PSC-0255-TIN, PSC-0255-TICN, PSC-0255-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0255-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0255-C

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PSC-0286, PSC-0286-TIN, PSC-0286-TICN, PSC-0286-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0286-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0286-C

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PSC-0318, PSC-0318-TIN, PSC-0318-TICN, PSC-0318-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0318-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0318-C

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PSC-0380, PSC-0380-TIN, PSC-0380-TICN, PSC-0380-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0380-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0380-C

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD
.3901-.44502.625 0.50.3750.75

Standard: PSC-0436, PSC-0436-TIN, PSC-0436-TICN, PSC-0436-TIALN
Size Down: PSC-0436-S
Chamfer Grind: PSC-0436-C

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