Carbide-Tipped Coolant-Fed Reamers

Carbide-tipped coolant-fed reamers offer many significant advantages for hole finishing:

  • These reamers work well for almost all materials.
  • Operation at higher speeds and feed rates increases tool life and decreases cycle time.
  • Depending on the application, can outlast high speed steel reamers by as much as 10-to-1.
Carbide-Tipped Coolant-Fed Reamers from Proto-Cuttter

Proto-Cutter’s pin-float, coolant-fed reamers are ideal for many applications on CNC lathes, screw machines and mills. 1 to 2 week standard delivery on our standard reamers with 24 and 48 hr rush service available. PVD coated tools are 3-4 week standard delivery with 24 hr and 48 hr rush service is available to get the tools to coating.

PVD Coatings For Reamers
Titanium Nitride (TIN): Good all purpose coating for steels, irons and plastics. Helps in reducing build up on cutting edges and achieving micro finishes.

Titanium Carbon Nitride (TICN): Good for carbon steels alloy steels, & cast irons. Helps in achieving micro finishes. Examples are 1215, 12L14, 4140, 4130 materials, TICN is more wear resistant than TIN.

Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TIALN): Good for cast irons, and steels. A multi layered coating with aluminum to help with heat & oxidation resistance.

Carbide-Tipped Size Down Reamers

Resizing: If a reamer is used for more than one hole size, it can be resized to a smaller diameter. Sized down reamers have the lead chamfer sharpened. (.003 recommended for down sizing.)

Carbide-Tipped Chamfer Grind Reamers

Lead Sharpening: For carbide-tipped, solid carbide, and high speed steel reamers. Chamfer and/or lead angles can be ground to remove wear and extend tool life. (Not guaranteed to restore reamer to performance level of a retipped or resized tool.)

Retip Carbide Tipped Coolant-Fed Reamers

Retipping: Carbide-tipped reamers can be replaced with new carbide tips and can be precisely sharpened to its original diameter and tolerances. Many reamers, if properly used, can be retipped up to 50 times or more to achieve the lowest cost per hole. The savings is about 60-70% the cost of a new reamer.

Reamers Product List

4 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Part Numbers
Standard: PC-0210, PC-0210-TIN, PC-0210-TICN, PC-0210-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0210-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0210-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0210-R, PC-0210-R-TIN, PC-0210-R-TICN, PC-0210-R-TIALN

4 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Part Numbers
Standard: PC-0255, PC-0255-TIN, PC-0255-TICN, PC-0255-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0255-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0255-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0255-R, PC-0255-R-TIN, PC-0255-R-TICN, PC-0255-R-TIALN

4 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0286, PC-0286-TIN, PC-0286-TICN, PC-0286-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0286-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0286-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0286-R, PC-0286-R-TIN, PC-0286-R-TICN, PC-0286-R-TIALN

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0318, PC-0318-TIN, PC-0318-TICN, PC-0318-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0318-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0318-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0318-R, PC-0318-R-TIN, PC-0318-R-TICN, PC-0318-R-TIALN

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0380, PC-0380-TIN, PC-0380-TICN, PC-0380-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0380-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0380-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0380-R, PC-0380-R-TIN, PC-0380-R-TICN, PC-0380-R-TIALN

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0436, PC-0436-TIN, PC-0436-TICN, PC-0436-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0436-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0436-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0436-R, PC-0436-R-TIN, PC-0436-R-TICN, PC-0436-R-TIALN

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0505, PC-0505-TIN, PC-0505-TICN, PC-0505-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0505-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0505-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0505-R, PC-0505-R-TIN, PC-0505-R-TICN, PC-0505-R-TIALN

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0630, PC-0630-TIN, PC-0630-TICN, PC-0630-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0630-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0630-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0630-R, PC-0630-R-TIN, PC-0630-R-TICN, PC-0630-R-TIALN

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0755, PC-0755-TIN, PC-0755-TICN, PC-0755-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0755-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0755-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0755-R, PC-0755-R-TIN, PC-0755-R-TICN, PC-0755-R-TIALN

6 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-0880, PC-0880-TIN, PC-0880-TICN, PC-0880-TIALN
Size Down: PC-0880-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-0880-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-0880-R, PC-0880-R-TIN, PC-0880-R-TICN, PC-0880-R-TIALN

8 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1005, PC-1005-TIN, PC-1005-TICN, PC-1005-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1005-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1005-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1005-R, PC-1005-R-TIN, PC-1005-R-TICN, PC-1005-R-TIALN

8 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1130, PC-1130-TIN, PC-1130-TICN, PC-1130-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1130-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1130-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1130-R, PC-1130-R-TIN, PC-1130-R-TICN, PC-1130-R-TIALN

8 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1255, PC-1255-TIN, PC-1255-TICN, PC-1255-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1255-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1255-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1255-R, PC-1255-R-TIN, PC-1255-R-TICN, PC-1255-R-TIALN

8 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1380, PC-1380-TIN, PC-1380-TICN, PC-1380-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1380-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1380-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1380-R, PC-1380-R-TIN, PC-1380-R-TICN, PC-1380-R-TIALN

8 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1505, PC-1505-TIN, PC-1505-TICN, PC-1505-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1505-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1505-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1505-R, PC-1505-R-TIN, PC-1505-R-TICN, PC-1505-R-TIALN

10 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1630, PC-1630-TIN, PC-1630-TICN, PC-1630-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1630-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1630-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1630-R, PC-1630-R-TIN, PC-1630-R-TICN, PC-1630-R-TIALN

10 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1755, PC-1755-TIN, PC-1755-TICN, PC-1755-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1755-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1755-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1755-R, PC-1755-R-TIN, PC-1755-R-TICN, PC-1755-R-TIALN

10 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-1880, PC-1880-TIN, PC-1880-TICN, PC-1880-TIALN
Size Down: PC-1880-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-1880-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-1880-R, PC-1880-R-TIN, PC-1880-R-TICN, PC-1880-R-TIALN

10 Flutes

Dia. RangeABCD

Standard: PC-2105, PC-2105-TIN, PC-2105-TICN, PC-2105-TIALN
Size Down: PC-2105-S
Chamfer Grind: PC-2105-C
Retip Carbide Tipped: PC-2105-R, PC-2105-R-TIN, PC-2105-R-TICN, PC-2105-R-TIALN

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